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This first of its kind – the ZR5-1200 self-propelled baler makes quick work of fields while offering an unprecedented level of operator comfort and maneuverability. Automating parts of the baling process, the ZR5 aims to reduce the number of steps an operator must complete to make a bale as well as provide the ability to automatically make real-time adjustments based on field, crop and operator inputs. Get ready to go big time and let the ZR5 change the way you put up hay. 

Like all Vermeer products, the 605N Vermeer balers are built to last. With a sleek design, these balers may look different, but what hasn’t changed is the high-performance and reliability they have to offer. Boasting durable, heavy-duty components and the ability to perform at a high capacity, the 605N Vermeer baler is built tough to keep your customers rolling.


Adding to its durability are several machine protection measures and simplified adjustments. The 605N balers feature a pickup that automatically disengages when desired bale size is reached, an optional auto-lube greasing system that can be controlled through the E-Link Pro display and an automatic dual-stage belt-tightening system that offers increased starting speeds. These are just a few of the features that work together to help operators run more smoothly and more efficiently.

It takes a rugged baler with heavy-duty components to withstand the tough conditions and tight timeframes of baling cornstalks. When it comes to durability and efficiency, the new Vermeer 605N Cornstalk Special baler is equipped to bale through even the toughest crop quickly and efficiently. A patented powered windguard gives better starts, faster-operating speeds and clean, uniform intake. And having a superior feeding system means you’ll have more cornstalk bales to handle. Fortunately, loading bales has never been easier than with the optional Inline™ Ramp. The automatic pickup clutch provides longer pickup life due to less wear and tear on components and the E-Link Pro Display helps custom operators easily keep track of customer information. With more heavy-duty components than its predecessor, it’s clear that the 605N Cornstalk Special offers unmatched productivity when baling cornstalks.

The Vermeer Rancher balers are right-sized, right-priced, and just right for your ranch. With standard flotation tires and radial pin pickup clutch, the Rancher 6650 baler is right for your ranch. Right-sized bales, 66 in x 61 in, that are big enough for feeding yet easy to handle. Right-sized balers utilize low horsepower tractors, 60 hp - 75 hp for lower fuel consumption.

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