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An industry exclusive feature of a Highline mower is the integrated Radial Contouring Hitch (RCH). The RCH Hydro is designed to keep the tractor on the road and the operator safe while achieving a quality cut.

Save Time and Increase Productivity.

Greasing and maintenance have always been time-consuming and cumbersome tasks. Traditional mechanically-driven ditch mowers typically have 16 grease points. Care and greasing on these units can take from 30 minutes up to an hour of preparation time every day! With the RCH Hydro Mower greasing and maintenance take approximately 5 minutes.

In a mowing season of 100 days, this translates into an extra 100 miles of mowing!

The MC4500 mower conditioner from Vermeer combines productivity, flexibility, and convenience into one powerful package to give large volume operators the size (15-foot cutting width) to cover more acres in a shorter time.


With the efficient Q3 cutter bar, the MC4500 mower conditioner requires just 105 horsepower, and its modular design makes maintenance and repair user-friendly with the added convenience of unique cutter bar accessibility.


Practical innovations, including the Quick-Clip blade retention system and Quick-Change shear ring, make the tasks of changing blades and repairing a sheared disc quick and simple. When it's time to mow, the Vermeer MC4500 can get the job done.

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