Simple, durable, versatile – the all-new BPX9000 from Vermeer combines the things you want and need in a bale processor.


The easy to operate machine is built tough, produces even, consistent feed with minimal maintenance, and the optional large square bale kit offers the versatility you need.


Blow away dust and mold from the bale, and feed evenly into a bunk or spread up to 40’. The BPX9000 is built to do the job with the Vermeer quality you expect.

Meet the new BPX9010 bale processor. This workhorse combines simplicity, durability, and versatility — an all-around processor ready to perform a variety of applications.


Distribute a consistent, uniform windrow of crop along the bunk line or out in the pasture. Or spread bedding with consistency and accuracy at ranges up to 50 ft. The BPX9010 bale processor simplifies the process of processing bales.

The new Catapult CPX9000 bale processor is a machine that offers power, versatility, and easy operation. The machine can process round or square bales and allows the material to be thrown 60-100’, whether that be up and overfeed bunks in a cattle operation or in large scale seeding operations around housing or commercial developments.


Not only does the CPX9000 have the ability to throw forage material long distances, but it also gives operators control over where the material is thrown. Hydraulic controls make this machine easy to use, giving operators the ability to choose how the spout is angled and how the crop is distributed. The Catapult CPX9000 bale processor is available only at Becker Alfalfa.

The Final CutTM FPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer allows you to process the amount of forage material you need, on your own time.


Optimal cut-length for feeding cattle is achieved as material passes through multiple cut points. The FPX9000 is ready for windrow or bunk feeding, or processing material into a bunker or other storage item for mixing rations later.


An optional powered sidewall allows you to process round or square bales. Get the consistency, versatility, and speed you need with the Vermeer Final Cut FPX9000 bale processor.

The unique engineering of the CFR 960 Bale Pro allows you to efficiently process square or round bales - the choice is up to you! This is useful when you have multiple feed suppliers using different bale types.

One of the challenges of processing square bales is maintaining both a high loading efficiency and high processing efficiency. Whenever the orientation of the bale isn’t optimally placed for either loading (large face aligned with the tractor) or processing (length aligned with flail drum), efficiency is compromised. For optimal processing, Highline addressed this issue by developing a system that turns the square bale so that it rests lengthwise in the tub (in alignment with the flail drum).

The1251 is a dual-chamber bale processor that offers many of the same benefits as a TMR Mixer. 1251 provides the flexibility to process two bales at once, blending different types of forage into a healthy ration. 


When equipped with the optional Grain Tank with MGITM and Feed ChopperTM, the CFR 1251 really is an all-purpose machine that rivals a TMR mixer in producing a mixed forage/grain ration. And, it does this with lower operational costs and less capital investment. 1251 is also an excellent machine for bedding and that’s something that most TMR mixers can’t do. In many cattle operations, the CFR 1251 may be a wiser investment than a TMR mixer.